The Legend


A whole lot of legends are heard in relation with Thrikkunnappuzha Sree Dharmasastha Temple. One of the legends owes the creation of Thrikkunnappuzha Sree Dharmasastha temple to Sri Parasuramaswamy, a prominent saint of the Puranas. Ancient scriptures too mention the existence of an amazingly sculptured temple established by Sri Parasurama Swamy. Legends say that Parasurama Swamy murdered myriad Kshethriyas. The thought of guilt and sin began to haunt him. Repentance made him rest no where. He traveled all over Kerala and ultimately reached Thrikkunnappuzha.

The magnificence of the place got revealed to him, all of a sudden. His prolonged meditation provoked a holy thought, it emerged from his inner self; he was enlightened to install the radiant idol of Sree Dharmasastha together with his wife and son at a height of 108 angulas from the ground level. 18 steps are to be mounted so as to have a glimpse of the divine idol. The measure of 108 angulas corresponds to the 108 divine names of Lord Vishnu. A wall surrounding 18 acres of land around the temple too was built.

Thrikkunnappuzha Dharmasastha is on par with Sabarimala Sree Dharmasastha in radiance. Yet another legend connotes both Parasurama and Narasimhmoorthy to the installation of Thrikkunnappuzha Sree Dharmasastha. Lord Vishnu incarnated as Narasimhamoorthy to murder a demon named Hiranyakashipu. Even after his incarnation goal, Narasimhamoorthy’s fury didn’t quell down. At this point, Parasuramaswamy transferred the spiritual glory, valor, fierceness and radiance of Narasimhamoorthy into Dharmasastha! The carvings projected on the walls of the re-built temple picturesquely depict even the minute details of the vicious fierceness of Narasimha, literally!Legends say that the post funeral karmas done here for the sake of the dead purified and freed their souls. The current practice of offering ‘bali’ for the dead ones on the new moon day of the Malayalam month Karkkidakam is in fact a continuation of this ancient practice.